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I started The Inner Circle Report with the sole purpose of being a place where people can go to share knowledge, tips, and advice in order to financially change their lives for the better.

My Goal is to motivate, challenge, learn and pass on the financial knowledge that I have accumulated over the course of my life.

This is a place where I will share my biggest financial mis-steps and my greatest financial successes and hopefully you will gain equally from both. Please understand that there are very few in life worth taking.

I offer no get-rich-quick schemes or strategies. What I do offer is sound financial planning, tax strategy, and real estate advice.

For those that utilize this advice the rewards will be a lifetime of financial success. I have made it my mission to aid in the creation of future millionaires and/or multi-millionaires. I welcome all in my quest to accomplish this goal.

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The Strategy Nas Used To Make $40 Million

News broke that rapper Nas, (and it’s no secret) one of my all-time favorite rappers made $40 million dollars as his investment in the doorbell company Ring paid off after it was acquired by Amazon. 

One Strategy to Building Wealth You Can Learn from Mitt Romney

It’s really remarkable what you can learn from public officials if you look at their tax returns. Mitt Romney’s tax return provides lessons and strategies people not as wealthy as him can learn and use to create generational wealth for themselves.

What Does It Take To Pay Zero Taxes?

How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t pay any taxes. My accountant takes real good care of me . . . I haven’t paid a dime in taxes in years.”

Three Dumbest LLC Formation Mistakes

Starting a business? Considering a limited liability company? Don’t make these common LLC setup mistakes says LLC expert and tax professor Stephen L. Nelson.

The 2018 Tax Payer is the New Gilligan

This article introduces a correlation between government overspending and how it may encourage inflation. It is a call to action for investors to factor in inflation-adjusted numbers with their retirement projections.

Tips for Preparing Taxes Online

When it comes to preparing our taxes, many of us could use some help. The following websites offer guidance and information that may assist you in learning about how to get the most out of filing your returns.

Are You Giving Away Free Money?

Saving on your taxes is the first step in creating generational wealth. It’s important to understand what’s tax deductible and what isn’t so you can get as large a tax refund as possible. Make it your goal to learn what a tax preparer may not be aware of due to the new tax laws in 2018.

A must have tool for your wealth building arsenal: The SEP-IRA

Every year around tax time there are always a few clients that make me really proud.  When I see the smart money moves that they make I feel compelled to let the world know about those moves (of course confidentially).   It’s a great feeling to see hard-working people...

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Get my FREE E-Book: 99 Ways to Start Building Generational Wealth

Get the exact wealth hacks and strategies I used to acquire more than 300 residential units in less than 2 years.

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